Lawn and Garden Calendar

Through out the year there are a number of tasks that are best done at a certain time of the year. Here is a calendar, created for the north Texas area, to help be your guide.

January - Mulch beds (best done after leaves are picked up for the winter). Prune or cut back Crape Myrtles and apply pre-emergent.

February - Cut back the Monkey Grass (liriope). Also a good time for any major cutting back of shrubs or trees.

March - Great time for general planting and putting in new grass. Hold off on that fertilizer until later in the month. Otherwise you will just be helping your weeds grow tall and healthy. Spray weeds with a post-emergent herbicide.

April - Also good for planting and sodding. Fertilize if you haven't and get out a pre-emergent to keep that crabgrass at bay later in the summer. Don't miss the boat on this one!

May - A great time to give the sprinkler system a run-though before the hot summer arrives. Check each head carefully, making sure you have even coverage.

June - Give that lawn a bit of fertilizer to help it get through the hot summer.

July - Keep an eye out for chinch bugs. They usually hang out in your yard in the hot, dry months.

August - Keep watching for chinch bugs. Another application of fertilizer and plenty of water will help the lawn make it though the hottest part of the year.

September - Now is time to get that pre-emergent out to keep out those winter weeds. Also, check those sprinklers again because lawns need water in the winter too. It is also time to start keeping an eye out for brown patch in St. Augustine.

October - If you are overseeding, do it the first week of October. October is also time for a winterizing fertilizer and planting pansies and other winter flowers.

November - Start working on those leaves. November is also a great time for planting most shrubs and trees. This allows as much time as possible to get roots established before the hot, dry summer months.

December - Gather up the rest of those leaves and then enjoy a break.