Our scope of services: One-stop shopping

At A Cut Above Landscape Management, we aim to establish on-going relationships with clients and provide a customized plan to care for their landscape. It may be simply mowing the lawn or it may be a complete, year round, all-inclusive plan to maintain the entire landscape. We reserve most additional services for our customers who are on a regular maintenance plan. We have found that we cannot provide the prompt, quality service that we aim for if we are chasing phone leads all around town for one time jobs. On the residential side of things we also have a small geographic area in which we operate. This allows us to always be nearby to check on your property and meet with you if you need to discuss any concerns. This is one of the ways we try to keep it personal.

Our Territory

For residential and small commercial properties we are only accepting new clients in the 76012 and 76013 zip codes in the NW part of Arlington. 


For medium to large sized commercial properties we have a larger territory. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Our Services


We mow lawns on a weekly schedule during the growing season. Mowing usually includes edging, line trimming and blowing off hard surfaces.


Shrub Trimming

For our regular customers shrub trimming can be done on a regular schedule or on a call-in basis.



Our fertlization program comprises of four application over the course of the growing season.


Fertlization and Weed Control

Our fertilization and weed control program comprises of six applications through out the year. They include fertilizers and pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control products. This program controls most broadleaf and grassy weeds. Some more troublesome varieties of weeds may require special treatments for an additional charge.


Core Aeration

Aeration can benefit lawns with dense, compacted soil. The aerator tines pull out cores of soil, leaving them on the surface. The resulting holes provide an avenue for water to enter the soil and the deterioriating cores provide a loose layer on the surface.


Irrigaton Repair

Sprinkler systems are essential for keeping your grass green in the hot Texas summers. We can help you adjust and maintain your system. We can help you save water and therefore money.


Seasonal Color

Replace last season's flowers with fresh, beautiful new ones. We can help you keep your beds up to date and eye-catching.


Tree Trimming

For our regular customers we can also handle minor tree trimming work. Trimming trees is essential for tree health and for getting enough light to your lawn.



When our customers need a fresh start we are there to help. We can patch in a few squares or redo the whole yard.



Lawns overseeded with perennial ryegrass are always the sharpest in town. Have your lawn green and lush, even in the winter. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.



We are always available to meet with our regular customers about their properties. If you have a concern or question we will be happy to meet you and formulate a plan to improve your landscape.



Eventually the time will come for a redesign. When you want to redo a few things or pull it all out and start over we can also help you with landscape installation. It might be planting a few more perennials or adding entire beds. Either way we can help.