Lawn Care Tips

Making a beautiful landscape is a team effort. It is a joint endeavor by the property owner and the landscape management company. An important part of the equation is educating the owner about the landscape. In this section we have some helps for you the property owner.

Timing is everything!


An important part of caring for a landscape is timing. Some tasks have a very small window of opportunity and if you miss that window you might have to wait a whole year to try again. This calendar will help you to know what to do and when to do it.


Lawn and Garden Calendar

Keep that St. Augustine green


Why do some people have beautiful, lush, green lawns and some struggle just to keep their grass alive? Some already know the secrets and some are still learning. St. Augustine is a common and very useful landscape grass, but it can be quite problematic. This article can help you speed up your education about one of our most popular turfgrass choices here in North Texas.


St. Augustine 101