Customers using the "Service Agreement"

Bi-weekly Mowing - March through October, Call-in basis in winter.

Weekly Mowing - Bi-weekly in March, weekly April through September, bi-weekly in October, Call-in basis in winter.

Customers using the "Proposal"

Mowing schedule may vary. Consult your proposal for exact schedule.


Other Services

Fertilization Program - Four times per year. Generally the months are April, June, August and October, but actual months may vary.

Fertilization and Weed Control Program - Six applications per year. Generally the months of January, March, April, June, August and October. Again, actual months may vary slightly.

Overseeding - Usually done in the first or second week of October.

Leaf Removal - Leaf removal is scheduled on a weekly or every other week basis according to the customer's needs. It may also be done on a call-in, first come, first serve basis. Regularly scheduled customers are given priority and call-ins worked in around them. Please remember that when your leaves begin to fall so are all our other customers' leaves. We will take care of your property as soon as we possibly can.